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Hello, and welcome to my world! If you want to learn a bit more about me this is one place to start (gosh, what arrogance). Laid out for your discreetly at the left of each page is a selection of topics: things that make me excited, sad, or connect with me in some other way. I'll leave you to work out where the potted biography fits into that...

If you already know me and are disturbed to find our common passions missing, don't be distressed. This is a work in progress and topics will emerge in no particular order. If you don't know me (or we've been out of contact for a while) don't be afraid to contact me and tell me your story.

Life is tough, but everywhere there are glimpses of beauty. Thanks for reading this: I hope you find something you like.

I've just update my site to include links to my information site about social security benefits,, and the related blog, As the plan is to monetize these sites links back to them would be greatly appreciated, as would any helpful feedback.